Pimp My Life

I’ve been terrible at blogging at the moment. I’m trying to get back into the swing of working full time and balancing fun, life, running, eating and occasionally sleeping!

Working at CHANEL is brilliant… and after 3 weeks I’ve finally stopped feeling completely out of my depth and started to settle right in to my role as ‘Customer Service Ambassador’ (fancy huh!).

Another reason why I LOVE MY JOB is the perks… make up, perfume, invitations to parties, constant supply of champagne and also my amazing bosses- who are total babes, and hilarious. It’s a lovely place to work, we call it the United Nations, as every one who works there is from a different country, so conversations in the lunch room are often in a hum of Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Chinese and then my loud harsh Australian voice!

So everyone who works there says that once you start working for CHANEL you never want to leave and it completely takes over your life.

Walking around my apartment this morning… I can see  CHANEL taking over my life already.. who knows what I’ll be like in 2, 5 or 10 years time!

CHANEL keeping it cool on the fridge


window watching

Liquid gold

make over party

On Thursday night there was a party in-store (for a models birthday)- dressed head-to-toe in CHANEL I’ve never looked more expensive. Black mini dress, black cat eyes, nude lips and these absolutely incredible amazing shoes…..

Nothing but love

Ahhhh life! Off to work!


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