time to say ‘Goodbye’

Like any girl  I am rubbish at throwing away shoes. Running shoes I particularly struggle with. I think it’s because of the special bond I form with my running shoes, we have gone through so many times together- the good, the bad, the happy, the sad. This particular pair I am very sad to be parting with as they were there for me during my final year of university, through a break up and through my move overseas. I’d love to able to calculate how many km’s we’ve run together… I think it would be somewhere in the 1000’s.

old faithful shoes

But my shin splints, and sore right hip have been telling me that they can’t handle the worn out soles and flatten gel cushions anymore. They need comfort and support if they are going to allow me to keep running. So today I bought myself a new pair of running shoes.. ASCIS of course.

new flashy cushion soled, gel enhanced bouncy breezy shoes


we're friends right?

Thats the only problem with being a (semi) serious runner.. I can’t get the snazzy polka-dot black chic looking NIKE’s my heart desires, instead I have to get ‘proper’ running shoes.

jazzy trainers, for those who run a maximum of 1 mile a day...

Maybe in my next life I’ll design snazzy ‘proper’ running shoes, for other jazzy girls who have the same problem… ‘Lady Danger for Adidas’ I like it.



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