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husband hunt

With March approaching quickly and the looming prospect of my visa not being extended, my next best option is marriage.

New York is full of men, so I am doing my best to narrow potential husbands into categories.

1. Professional athlete- I like beer and sports, so why not combine the two?

2. Chef/Cook/Food critic. I love food and living with someone who cooks for a living/gets paid to eat for a living would be a dream (I would then also need to have an affair with a personal trainer at some point).

3. A movie star. It’s New York and I work for CHANEL so this would be completing the dream.

4. A total stranger in fancy dress. He’s reading, enjoying the sun and ¬†wearing a vintage sailor uniform. Enough said.

5. Someone with the last name ‘Martini’… Maxine Martini. I could live pool side for the rest of my life.