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Phos-phoro is the project of Sydney based, Australia designer Spencer Webber. A lover of craft and of fashion history, he is both humbled and stimulated by fashion, and chooses it as the medium to express his beliefs, ideas and passions.

exert from RUSSH magazine April 10

Webber at work

Webber at work

He has a really lovely and refreshing approach to fashion and design- wanting his customers not to have to wake up feeling amazing to wear his clothing, he feels that his clothing is something that can transform the wearer and make them feel better just by putting it on. Its gorgeous and a belief that I feel really strongly about when designing clothes. I get really exciting about the journey that clothing can take you on, the way it can make you feel and how it can lift you up to a new level.

You can read the full article in the April issue of RUSSH, and an interview with Webber here

Article in RUSSH magazine April 10